How To Watch 2021 UFC 264: Poirier vs McGregors 3 Info Live Stream in the World without Cable.

Hello Viewers. Welcome Poirier vs McGregors 3 Live Stream Free How to Watch The UFC 257 With or Without Cable and TV on Kodi, Android, iOS, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and other any devices from the US, UK, Canada, and rest of the world. Without Cable and TV Online Stream, You can watch UFC 257 stream online live on your PC, Laptop, IOS, ANDROID, MAC, Windows, ROKU. and All other devices. It’s also easy to find video highlights and news from the most popular sports leagues in the world. if you would like to watch this match on TV you’ll probably find it it on some more popular channels like CBS, NBC, iTV, Sky Sports, FOX, Gol TV, Canal+, SportTV, Setanta, ESPN, BT Sports, etc.This and all the other highlights are right below.

How To Watch 2021 UFC 264: Poirier vs McGregors 3 Info Live Stream in the World without Cable.

UFC 264 info
Date: Saturday, July 10
Location: T-Mobile Arena — Las Vegas
Start time: 10 p.m. ET (Main card)
Prelims: 8pm ET / 5pm PT
Early Prelims: 7pm ET / 4pm PT
How to watch: ESPN+ PPV

How To Watch Poirier vs McGregors 3 2021: UFC 257 scores.

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If you cannot physically attend the event on your own, you need fret not as you may follow the proceedings via various channels. We take a look at them here below:

CBS All Access:

This is an American streaming video service that is both owned and operated by CBS Interactive. The CBS Interactive is a subsidiary of ViacomCBS. The streaming service offers original content that are newly aired by its affiliates. Being a subscription service, you have to create and maintain an active account with it before leveraging the benefits that come by. Visit CBS All Access


FuboTV is also an American television service provider. It is not a distinct channel per see but an agglomeration of over-the-top internet service stations. Among the channels in its bouquet are the MLS, NHL, NBA, MLB, and the NFL. Its strength lies in the fact that it is comprehensive.

Hulu with live TV:

Hulu TV is a premium subscription channel the showcases sporting activities from around America and beyond. It gives starters and new entrants some free 7-day trial. After the end of the trial, you have the freedom to subscribe for as little as $54.99/month. Though expensive, it opens to you a world of wholesome family entertainment. Visit

Sling TV:

Sling Television is also an American over-the-top internet television service provider. It is owned by Dish Network but legally operated by the Sling TV LLC. Before accessing the services it provides you have to enter a purchasing plan that will see you access movies and other shows as well.

AT&T TV Now:

This is also an agglomeration of streaming services. In its bouquet are numerous television stations. It too will stream the upcoming Masters Golf 2020. As with any other premium channel, this too demands that you pay up some subscriptions prior to accessing the services that come by.

Play Station Vue:

As with the PlayStation, this too is owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment, which is a subsidiary of the Sony Corporation of America. If you are looking for a great picture and sound quality, this is the avenue to tap into. Of all the channels that exist, its picture quality is the most superb.

YouTube TV:

Have no cash but would you still want to enjoy the upcoming shows? Choose to stream your content via the YouTube TV channel. Like many of the leading streaming services, this too is American-owned and comes about as a free service. Its major drawback is that it won’t air some matches.

Digital Antennas:

Digital Antennas is strictly speaking not a television channel. Instead, it is a way of accessing the free-to-air television programming contents. For you to make use of it, you have to purchase your normal digital antennae and fix it to your free-to-air set-top box. The sound and picture qualities are not superb though.

How To Watch Poirier vs McGregors 3 2021 Live Online for Free

Want to watch the upcoming Poirier vs McGregors 3 Live Stream Online for free? Follow the steps below to make that reality possible:

Step 1: Identify the Free Streaming Service:

It all begins by identifying the right free streaming service. Most of the leading sporting service channels run these free streaming services. Examples are the ESPN, Sky Sports, RTE, and Eir Sports, to name but a few! Please note that may not be available in your country due to policy restrictions or limitations.

Step 02: Access the Portal or Download the App:

Next, access the portal or the web address. Alternatively, you may also download the respective app. The point of acquisition you choose ought to be relevant to the make of your phone and the operating system thereof. Choose Google Play for Android and Apple Store for the iOS operating system.

Step 03: Enroll in a Suitable Data Plan:

Enroll now in a suitable data plan. Streaming contents from the internet ordinarily take too much data. You have to estimate the data flow depending on how long you want to stay online. Inquire from your service provider about their rates and make a suitable purchase thereafter.

Step 04: Time your Schedules Properly:

You have to know the times when the matches shall air or be transmitted. That will give you the preparedness you need to time your streaming appropriately. Consult with the various websites to be able to narrow to a suitable time-frame. Round it up by watching the contents as per the schedule.

Can I watch the Poirier vs McGregors 3 Live Stream on Amazon Fire TV

YES, you can! For you to do that, you will have to first and foremost open an account on a third party streaming site like the FuboTV or Hulu. Then, install that app on your Fire TV and there you go! As is the case with other streaming options, you have to schedule your views appropriately to catch the matches.

Can I watch the 2021 Poirier vs McGregors 3 Live Online on Apple TV:

YES, you can! As with the case with the Amazon Fire TV above, Apple TV also requires that you install third-party apps. You will yet again go to the Apple Store and download the app of your liking. Please note that some will still require you to subscribe separately.

Can I watch Poirier vs McGregors 3 Live Streaming on Roku:

YES, you can! Roku is a streaming player much like a set-top box. For you to make use of it, you will similarly have to download third-party apps that stream the contents. Examples of these include YouTube TV, Hulu, and the FuboTV, to name but a few!

How to watch Poirier vs McGregors 3 Live Stream on a SmartPhone:

YES! All you need is to download and install the relevant third party app on your phone. As we have already explained, the app store you pick for the job has to be directly relevant to the operating system that your phone uses. Choose Google Play for your Android phones and Apple Store for your iOS.

How to watch Poirier vs McGregors 3 Live Streaming From:

Do you mainly love streaming content? You should attempt to watch the Poirier vs McGregors 3 Live Streaming from the following sources in the respective countries:

Poirier vs McGregors 3 Stream From UK

This year, it is the Sky Sports that shall have the right to stream the contents free-of-charge via their online portals. You hence have it for your choice and leverage if you plan to stream the contents free-of-charge. Opt for a faster internet speed option due to the anticipated high number of online viewers.

Poirier vs McGregors 3 Stream From Canada

While in Canada, you have many options to try out. The Bell Media is the most outstanding as it owns the free broadcasting rights in Canada. Under the Bell banner, there are various affiliates that shall stream the contents at different times and to different audiences. Make your choice and schedule wisely.

Poirier vs McGregors 3 Stream From Germany

For Germany, you will have to access and subscribe to the relevant ESPN International network or affiliate. Kindly go to the website of the channel to be able to find out the affiliate that is active or is relevant to your area. Some may require a prior subscription before enjoying the streaming.

Poirier vs McGregors 3 Stream From France

Just like Germany, France too, requires you to access the respective ESPN affiliate site to be able to stream the contents. Yet again, you are asked to access the official site of the channel to find a listing of all the affiliates that may be available in the area.

Poirier vs McGregors 3 Stream From Spain

Spain, just like France and Germany has no native streaming channel. Luckily, the ESPN International Network has an active presence in the area. Just access its official website to find the channel that has an active presence in the area and enroll for it. You may have to enter a subscription plan before proceeding.

Poirier vs McGregors 3 Stream From McGregors 3

McGregors 3 also has no known native provider of the streaming content. For it, the ESPN International networks also come in. One of its affiliates has an active presence in McGregors 3 and the adjoining regions. Kindly pay a visit to the official website and find out the affiliate.

Poirier vs McGregors 3 Stream From Australia

Australia is also greatly covered by the ESPN International networks. While here, you may stream the contents free or enroll in a suitable subscription package of your liking. To find out the information you need, you have to find out the channel that has an active presence in the nation from the official website.

Poirier vs McGregors 3 Stream From South Africa

The SuperSport reigns supreme in South Africa and indeed, the entire African continent. It is hence your only bet if you reside in such areas. This channel is available exclusively via the DSTV family of television providers. Choose the most appropriate package for your family and budget size.

Poirier vs McGregors 3 Stream From Mexico

You have two options to consider while in Mexico. These are the ESPN International networks and the ESPN Latin North. These two options grant you the freedom to choose the timing and the budget you feel is desirable to you. Make your ultimate choice wisely.

Poirier vs McGregors 3 Stream From Sweden

While in Sweden, TVMatchen is your ultimate option to watch the upcoming UFC 257. It is one of Sweden’s four famous channels that deal with matters of sports. One great advantage of this channel is that it is available via both the mobile apps and the desktop smoothly.

Poirier vs McGregors 3 Stream From Japan

ESPN has a wide presence in Japan where it operates under the trade name of the J Sports. This channel will stream the UFC 257 Live in Japan. It has four channels namely Channel 1 to Channel 4. Be sure to consult their site for an updated list of the schedules and programming.

How to watch Poirier vs McGregors 3 Live Stream from anywhere in the World Using VPN

Want to conceal your identity while streaming content online? Choose to install a VPN in your computing device. It basically enables you to bypass the geo-blocks. This option is mainly great if you are outside the 53 countries in which there is an active presence of the major sporting and streaming channels. Follow these steps to make good use of it:

Select the right VPN service like the Nord VPN and the Express VPN.

Install the VPN in your personal computer or mobile gadget
Open an account with the service provider
Choose the most suitable ISP address for you. (UFC 257 being an American Sports, demands that you choose a US-based IP address).
Connect the VPN service, and there you go!

Use Smart DNS proxies to watch the UFC 257 2021

If you are incapable of accessing the VPN services, the DNS proxies are your next bets. It is similarly a way of bypassing the geolocation restrictions. This, it does by giving you the leeway to determine where your PC, and by extension, you, are based. Just like the VPN above, this one is good for those countries, areas, or regions that are outside the 53 main broadcasting footprints.

Is there any Option to watch the 2021 UFC 257 Live on Social Media

YES, there are! Indeed, all of the major social media platforms give you the leeway to stream the contents via their networks to you. There are some restrictions though given that the streaming tasks themselves are premium and subject to certain restrictions. Below are some of the leading social media platform to think of:

look into the UFC 257 2021 comes to an end there. We can only wish that you prepare well for the upcoming tournament well using the information we have furnished to you generously above. Do you plan to attend the upcoming tournaments? Let us hear from you in the comments section hereunder…

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